blue light health

Each research piece is written by a team of writers, academics and experts that are well-versed in the medical field. Blue light and your health For people who work in the daytime. There is a lot of evidence to support the idea that certain types of light, especially blue light… Sound crazy? If you work during the day, here are some quick tips for reducing your exposure to blue light. Blue Light Healthy consists of in-depth health advice and comprehensive medical guides. Take a 5-10 minute break from … To address indoor blue light exposure, many companies market blue-blocking glasses that filter blue light. However, a systematic review of research studies in 2017 could not find high-quality evidence to support the general population wearing blue-blocking glasses for their macular health… A French health authority warned of the dangers of blue light, stating this wavelength can damage the eye's retina while also disturbing our biological and sleep rhythms. Your sleep/wake cycle is linked to your Circadian Rhythm.Your Circadian Rhythm is linked to your Mitochondrial health… I firmly believe that light and sleep are two of the most under-used tools for improving health (and that improper management of both are two of the biggest reasons for many health problems). Artificial Blue light, from screens and LED lights -not the sun- is highly stimulating and when detected by the eye, especially after sunset, prevents proper sleep.

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