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Si rischia di morire di fame", Conte: «Stato d’emergenza legittimo» Salvini chiama Mattarella: «Sconcertante», Conte e lo stato di emergenza, ok anche dalla Camera: «Governo liberticida? Frasi gravi e false», Coronavirus, stato d'emergenza fino al 15/10: ok al Senato. "Siamo 40 in Parlamento, "Italy education minister resigns over lack of funds for ministry", "Conte:: "Separare la Scuola dall'Università. While the first became Minister of the Interior, with the main aim of drastically reducing the number of illegal immigrants, the latter served as Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Social Policies to introduce the universal basic income. Parks, playgrounds and public green were closed down. [332], President of the SenateElisabetta Casellati, President of the Chamber of DeputiesRoberto Fico, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, putting more than a quarter of the national population under lockdown, List of official trips made by Giuseppe Conte, 2019 Turkish offensive into north-eastern Syria, "Il premier tecnico di un governo politico". Marche a destra. [254], During his premiership, Conte built a close relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump. [215][216], On 24 March, in a live-streamed press conference, Conte announced a new decree approved by the Council of Ministers. These users can then self-isolate to avoid infecting others. Noch vor seiner Vereidigung hat er bereits den ersten Skandal am Hals, Neue Verschärfungen in Italien, Lockdowns im nördlichen Griechenland, Ministerpräsident Conte zeigt Italienern die Gelbe Karte, Italien schafft Millionenstrafen für Flüchtlingsretter ab, Das Ende der italienisch-chinesischen Freundschaft. Tra i leader Zaia piace più di Salvini", Why Italy’s technocratic prime minister is so popular, Conte il miglior premier degli ultimi 25 anni con il 30% secondo i sondaggi Demos, "Valentina Fico, chi è l'ex moglie di Giuseppe Conte", "Giuseppe Conte, chi è il professore (di sinistra) che potrebbe diventare premier", "Ecco chi è l'ex moglie di Giuseppe Conte", "Ecco chi è Olivia Paladino, l'affascinante fidanzata del premier Conte", "Chi è Olivia Paladino, la compagna del premier Giuseppe Conte - LetteraDonna", Quali sono le squadre del cuore di Giuseppe Conte e degli ex premier italiani, "Devoto di Padre Pio, secchione e di sinistra. [328][329][330], On 21 May 2018, when Conte was proposed to President Mattarella as candidate for prime minister,[58] The New York Times questioned his summer stays at New York University (NYU) listed in his official curriculum vitae[39] in an article asserting that a NYU spokeswoman could not find Conte in university "records as either a student or faculty member". Despite the so-called "flat regime" was a proposal of the right-wing League, it was confirmed also by Conte's second government, with the centre-left. E si riapre l'ipotesi di un governo Lega-M5s", "Governo, Conte accetta l'incarico e presenta la lista: 18 ministri, 5 le donne. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Il racconto del miglior amico del "premier" Conte", "Governo, a Volturara e a San Giovanni Rotondo nelle città che fanno il tifo per Conte", "Il candidato alla Presidenza del Governo è uno di noi...", "Curricula dei candidati alle elezioni a componente del Consiglio di Presidenza della Giustizia Amministrativa", "Giuseppe Conte, avvocato civilista e "sburocratizzatore". Since the beginning of Conte's government, Trump considered him a key ally during international meetings[255] as well as his "privileged interlocutor" in Europe. [183] Then, in a second phase, a listing is planned, with the aim of creating a company with a widespread shareholder base. Anche per Conte, "Renzi: "Il nome della nuova sfida che stiamo per lanciare sarà Italia viva, "Matteo Renzi lascia il Pd e fonda nuovo partito: telefona a Conte e annuncia l'addio al Pd, Le ragioni della svolta in una intervista a Repubblica", "L'iniziativa. [259] On the following day, Conte was thanked for his positions on Russia and his populist stance by President Trump, who invited him to the White House. "[138] On 23 April, the European Council agreed on a ESM without conditionality to sustain direct and indirect healthcare costs and the implementation of the so-called recovery fund to help the reconstruction. [75] His cabinet was predominantly composed of members of the M5S and the League but also of prominent independent technocrats like the Minister of Foreign Affairs Enzo Moavero Milanesi, who previously served as the minister of European affairs in the government of Mario Monti, the university professor Giovanni Tria as the minister of economy and finances and economist Paolo Savona, who served in the cabinet of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in the 1990s and is currently known for his Eurosceptic views, who became the new minister of European affairs. [321] They have a child, Niccolò, born in 2007. Ma voto sì: Salvini realizzerà il programma di centrodestra", "Governo, Sgarbi show alla Camera: "Dove c'è il disordine io prospero. [106], On 16 September, after few days from the investiture vote, in an interview to la Repubblica, former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced his intention to leave the PD, launching a new centrist and liberal party named Italia Viva (IV). Seiner Wahl steht ein verfassungsrechtliches Problem im Wege. and newspapers like Il Sole 24 Ore denounced that the condonation could not finance all the new tax system based on flat tax. Allerdings konnte sich zu diesem Zeitpunkt kaum einer vorstellen, dass die Partei wirklich regieren würde. Since 2013, Italy had absorbed over 700,000 African migrants arriving by boat from Libya. [264] After few days, during an interview at the NBC, Conte described Trump as "Italy's most true and loyal friend". [190] In September, Italians largely approved the reform with nearly 70% of votes. Fioramonti considered the share of funds dedicated to education and research to be insufficient. März 2020, 00.04 Uhr. [170] After few days, Conte appointed Marco Bucci, mayor of Genoa, as extraordinary commissioner for the reconstruction. Demnach war er als Minister für die öffentliche Verwaltung vorgesehen. [230] The app aimed to notify users at risk of carrying the virus as early as possible, even when they were asymptomatic. Italy will lock down six regions and prevent many people from crossing between them. [47], In February 2018, Conte was selected by Luigi Di Maio, leader of the Five Star Movement (M5S), as the future possible Minister of Public Administration in his cabinet following the 2018 general election. | Euronews Answers", "2.7 million people apply for Italy's basic income scheme", "Reddito di cittadinanza e Quota 100, il governo: "Nessuna revisione all'ordine del giorno, "Jail for tax dodgers, bans for corrupt - Conte", "Manovra, accordo sul carcere agli evasori. Einer Umfrage zufolge sehen viele Italiener in ihm das tatsächliche Machtzentrum - und nicht bei Premierminister Giuseppe Conte. [141] The decree also provided economic aids to the tourism sector and regularization of nearly 600,000 undocumented immigrants, mainly employed in agricultural works. [110], In December 2019 the Minister of Education, University and Research Lorenzo Fioramonti resigned after disagreements with the rest of the cabinet regarding the recently approved 2020 budget bill. Together we are a power. Cosa dicono i giornali", "Valentina, chi è l'ex moglie di Giuseppe Conte", "Giuseppe Conte, la sua fidanzata? Jetzt redet hier, vor dem Senat, der zweiten Kammer des italienischen Abgeordnetenhauses, wieder ein Neuer: Giuseppe Conte, Chef der 67. [129], In February 2020, Conte appointed Mariana Mazzucato as his economic counselor. [68][69], Cottarelli was expected to submit his list of ministers for approval to President Mattarella on 29 May. [149], From 17 to 21 July, Giuseppe Conte took part in one of the longest European Councils in history. [249] In the following week, Campania and Tuscany were declared "Red Zones", while other seven regions, including Emilia-Romagna and Liguria, became "Orange Zones". [322] However, they divorced after a few years. Coronavirus, Campania e Toscana diventano zona rosse, salgono a nove le regioni arancioni, Putin a Roma, Conte contro le sanzioni a Mosca: "Sono un danno per tutti", "Conte: appartenenza alla Nato ma apriremo alla Russia", "Conte: restiamo nella Nato e con Usa ma via sanzioni alla Russia", "Russian army to send coronavirus help to Italy after Putin phone call", Trump praises Conte as 'very strong' on immigration, Trump and Italy’s Conte: Brothers in Nativism, "G7, il primo incontro del premier Conte con gli altri leader. [53], On 13 May, M5S and League reached an agreement in principle on a government program, likely clearing the way for the formation of a governing coalition between the two parties, but could not find an agreement regarding the members of a government cabinet, most importantly the Prime Minister. [270] The two leaders organized several bilateral meetings and often shared the same positions during European Council meetings especially on economics, immigration policies and climate change. "[137] On 8 April, he stated "we should loosened European fiscal rules, otherwise we would have to cancel Europe and everyone will do on their own. [197][198] Universities in Lombardy suspended all activities from 23 February. [238] The right-wing leader Giorgia Meloni accused the government of pursuing a "dangerous liberticidal drift", asserting that the emergency was already over. [109] Two ministers and one undersecretary followed Renzi in his new movement. Politik Giuseppe Conte, der große Unbekannte ... Er lebt inzwischen von seiner Ehefrau getrennt und hat einen zehnjährigen Sohn. ", "La pace fiscale pentaleghista conferma che l'Italia è una repubblica fondata sul condono", "Flat tax, dalla pace fiscale ai bonus alla no tax area: perché non-tornano i conti", "Manovra, Misiani: "Per le partite Iva resta il regime forfettario fino a 65 mila euro, "Italy's government launches 'citizens' income' website", "Italy rolls out 'citizens' income' for the poor amid criticisms", "What is Italy's new 'Citizens' Income' scheme? [50], On 9 May after weeks of political deadlock and the failure of various attempts of forming cabinets both between M5S–Centre-right and M5S–Democratic Party, Di Maio and Salvini responded to President Sergio Mattarella's ultimatum to appoint a neutral technocratic caretaker government by officially requesting that he allow them 24 more hours to achieve a governing agreement between their two parties. [263] On 31 March 2020, President Trump announced that the United States would send 100 million dollars of medical aids to Italy, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which was affecting the country. [90] As in the Senate, PD, FI and LeU voted against the government while FdI abstained. [126] In the same period, he praised students who protested against climate change, stating: "The images of the squares of the Fridays for Future are extraordinary, with so many young people participating with such passion. Giuseppe Conte, der Mann, der als neuer Premier mit der Bildung der 65. und ersten rechtspopulistischen Regierung Italiens beauftragt werden könnte, ist alles andere als ein Mann des „popolo“, des Volkes. Dies bestätigte ein Fünf-Sterne-Politiker, der ebenfalls neu im Parlament ist: Emilio Carelli, einst Chefredakteur des Bezahlsenders Sky und möglicher Kulturminister. Für Conte hat das Abspecken der Bürokratie, Verwaltung und Justiz sowie der in ihren Verzweigungen eingenisteten Verschwendung und Korruption politische Priorität. Renzi saluta il Pd e lancia "Italia viva". Nach den 80 aufreibenden Tagen seit der Wahl am 4. [202] On the following day, he announced in a press conference that all measures previously applied only in the so-called "red zones" had been extended to the whole country, putting de facto 60 million people in lockdown. universalis. A Genova i manager chiederanno scusa", Autostrade, via alla revoca delle concessioni. [159] Conte accused French President Emmanuel Macron of hypocrisy after Macron said Italy was acting "irresponsibly" by refusing entry to migrants and suggested it had violated international maritime law. His government was the first in the Western world to implement a national lockdown to stop the spread of the disease. Morti raddoppiano, Il cdm proroga lo stato d'emergenza al 31 gennaio. [146] The government invited prominent international politicians like Paolo Gentiloni, David Sassoli and Ursula von der Leyen, economists like Christine Lagarde, Ignazio Visco, Kristalina Georgieva, Olivier Jean Blanchard, Esther Duflo and Tito Boeri, and managers like Vittorio Colao. La replica: Nessun ultimatum, "Coronavirus, fiducia record per Conte e il governo: hanno il sostegno di 7 italiani su 10. Dass Conte durchaus administrative Fähigkeiten zugestanden werden, kann man seit März wissen. [154][155] During his premiership, Conte and his Interior Minister Matteo Salvini promoted stricter policies regarding immigration and public security. [272] During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were among the main proponents of Next Generation EU. ", "Italy locks down northern region in response to coronavirus outbreak", "Italy Locks Down Much of the Country's North Over the Coronavirus", To contain coronavirus, Italy will restrict movement across much of its northern region, including the city of Milan, "Sondaggio Demos: gradimento per Conte alle stelle", "Blog | Coronavirus, la sospensione delle libertà costituzionali è realtà. [116] However, many important economists[who?] Delrio (Pd): "Studi la Carta, non-sia un pupazzo", "Governo, lo strappo di Sgarbi: "Penso malissimo di Di Maio. [135] Conte, during an interview to German weekly Die Zeit, questioned: "What do we want to do in Europe? [16] In 2020, Italy became one of the most affected countries by the COVID-19 pandemic. Chi sono i contrari", "Taglio parlamentari è legge: Montecitorio approva con 553 Sì. The decree imposed higher fines for the violation of the restrictive measures, and a regulation of the relationship between government and Parliament during the emergency. [64] In his speech after Conte's resignation, Mattarella declared that the two parties wanted to bring Italy out of the Eurozone and as the guarantor of the Italian Constitution and the country's interest and stability he could not allow this. [326], He is a Roman Catholic and a devout votary to Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. — Encycl. "[181], On 15 July, the government and Atlantia reached an agreement which brought to the nationalization of the national highway company ASPI,[182] with the state that would held a majority partecipation through Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, while Atlantia would kept only 10% of the company's stocks. The time is over. [191], In February 2020, Italy became one of the world's main centres for confirmed cases of COVID-19, a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus that originated in China. [97] On 20 August, following the parliamentary debate at the Senate, in which Conte accused Salvini of being a political opportunist who "had triggered the political crisis only to serve his personal interest" and stated "this government ends here",[98][9] the Prime Minister resigned his post to President Mattarella. Admiral Otello glaubt, damit der Affäre zwischen seiner Ehefrau Desdemona und dem Hauptmann Cassio [48] However, the election resulted in a hung parliament,[49] with the M5S that became the party with the largest number of votes and of parliamentary seats while the centre-right coalition, led by Matteo Salvini's League and other right-wing parties, emerged with a plurality of seats in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. [276], In March 2019, Conte and the Chinese President Xi Jinping signed in Rome 29 economic and institutional agreements amounting to 2.5 billion euros, including a memorandum of understanding on the Belt and Road Initiative investments program. [241] On 16 August, after an increase in the daily number of new COVID-19 cases, the government closed all the discos and night clubs, and imposed to wear a mask outdoors in some areas considered at risk of crowding. Der Politik habe er sich aber bestimmt „nicht erst gestern angenähert“, erklärte Contes Kollege an der Universität in Florenz, der Juraprofessor Leonardo Ferrara, im Gespräch mit WELT. — BN Cat. suppl.. — Carteggio Verdi-Boito / a cura di Mario Medici e Marcello Conati, 1978. [172] The M5S asked the revocation of license to Benetton family and the nationalization of ASPI. M5S attacca Salvini: "Giullare, "Italy's League files no confidence motion in prime minister in bid to trigger election", "Conte resignation shows stakes are high in Italy's political crisis", "Italy's Government Collapses, Turning Chaos into Crisis", "Grasso, possibile intesa M5s-Pd-Leu - Ultima Ora", "Conte wins crucial support for new Italian govt coalition", "C'è l'accordo tra M5s e Pd. L’intesa su sviluppo più equo e clima, Italia-Spagna: Conte, 'consolidata alleanza, insieme siamo una forza', Conte ha l’occasione di salvare l’Italia: scaricare i sovranisti e prendere il Mes, Conte e Sanchez in pressing: "Recovery fund entro fine mese". [316] However, in March 2020, amid the coronavirus crisis, his approval rating rose above 70%, one of the highest ever ratings for an Italian Prime Minister. Olivia Paladino: bellissima e biondissima, è la figlia del proprietario dell'Hotel Plaza", "Raggiunto l'accordo per un governo M5S-Lega con Conte premier", "Novice to lead Italian populist cabinet", "M5S and League agree contract for Italy's 'government of change, "Giuramento governo: alle 16 Conte e i ministri al Quirinale", "Matteo Salvini calls confidence vote in Italian PM", "Italian PM resigns with attack on 'opportunist' Salvini", "Consultazioni, Mattarella convoca Conte per giovedì mattina: il premier al Colle alle 09:30", "Da sinistra a destra, Conte fa (bene) il presidentissimo. [323] Conte is currently engaged with Olivia Paladino (born 1979),[324] daughter of the Roman entrepreneur Cesare Paladino and the Swedish actress Ewa Aulin. e Giuseppe Conte (Italian pronunciation: [dʒuˈzɛppe ˈkonte]; born 8 August 1964) is an Italian university professor, jurist and politician, who has served as Prime Minister of Italy since 1 June 2018. [157] The vessel Aquarius, which is operated jointly by Médecins Sans Frontières and SOS Méditerranée and carried more than 600 migrants, was refused a port of disembarkation by the Italian authorities despite having been told to rescue the migrants by the same co-ordination centre. [192] As of November 2020[update], more than 1,500,000 coronavirus cases and 52,000 deaths were confirmed, affecting mainly Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont. We all have a great responsibility. Ecco come è fallita la trattativa su Savona", "L'ora più buia di Mattarella: la scelta obbligata di difendere l'interesse nazionale dopo il no dei partiti alla soluzione Giorgetti per l'Economia", "Governo, firme e tweet di solidarietà a Mattarella. [220], On 10 April, Conte made further announcements extending the lockdown until the 3rd of May, allowing some specific businesses, like bookstores and silviculture activities, to reopen under specific safe measures. Insieme all’amico Pedro Sanchez e alle delegazioni di Ministri abbiamo consolidato l’alleanza tra i nostri Paesi, ribadendo la sintonia sui principali temi europei e internazionali. [244] On 13 October, the Council of Ministers approved a new decree concerning further restrictions for bars and restaurants as well as the mandatory use of protection mask outdoors. [152] Prime Minister Conte described the deal as an "historic day for Italy and Europe". Storia di un premier sottovalutato", "Aspi, Senato approva mozione di maggioranza su "nazionalizzazione, "[Ticker] Italian PM Conte promises tough line on 'illegal immigration, "All of Italy to be placed on coronavirus lockdown", "Italy, the first country in Europe to enter lockdown, starts to emerge", Così le norme contro il virus possono rievocare il «dictator», Il paternalismo autoritario ormai domina la politica, Il premier Conte positivo al virus autoritario, "L'Italia pagherà il conto più salato della crisi post-epidemia", "Conte: EU recovery fund gives chance to 'change the face' of Italy", "Da Renzi a Conte: ecco chi sono i presidenti del Consiglio non-eletti in parlamento", "Da De Mita a Conte, l'incarico torna a sud di Roma dopo trent'anni", "Italia primo governo populista in Europa occidentale", "Giuseppe Conte: Italy's next PM to form western Europe's first populist government", "Conte bis? [287] On 9 May 2020, Conte announced her liberation in a tweet. Di Maio: Premier sarà un amico del popolo", "M5s e Lega da Mattarella. [22] In July 2020, to answer the coronavirus recession, Conte and the other European leaders approved the Next Generation EU package, by which Italy would receive 209 billion Euros in grants and loans from the European Recovery Fund. Il Carroccio sorpassa Forza Italia", "Mattarella postpones choice of caretaker premier amid new coalition govt talks", "Italy's populist parties given 24 hours to avert fresh elections", "Governo M5S-Lega, Berlusconi: nessun veto all'intesa ma no alla fiducia", "Italy's populist 5 Star, League parties reach deal on government program", "Giuseppe Conte, un giurista per governo del cambiamento. [95], In August 2019, Deputy Prime Minister Salvini announced a motion of no confidence against Conte, after growing tensions within the majority. [67] On 28 May, the Democratic Party (PD) announced that it would abstain from voting the confidence to Cottarelli while the M5S and the center-right parties Forza Italia (FI), Brothers of Italy (FdI) and the League announced their vote against. [44], In 2010 and 2011, Conte served on the board of directors of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and in 2012 he was appointed by the Bank of Italy as a member of the "Banking and Financial Arbitrage" commission. Giuseppe Conte: Ein Technokrat, der aus dem Nichts kam Fünf Sterne und Lega wollen Giuseppe Conte zum italienischen Premier machen. [131], In April 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic which severely affected Europe, Conte became the most vocal supporter of the eurobonds' issuance to face the crisis,[132] describing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) as "completely inadequate". [325], Conte is an avid supporter of A.S. Roma, a passion that arose when he studied in Rome at the Sapienza University. [130] Mazzucato, a professor at the University College London, is considered one of the most prominent supporter of state intervensionism. [185] The reform was finally approved by the Parliament, with the fourth and final vote in the Chamber of Deputies on 8 October with 553 votes in favor and 14 against. Following the 2018 general election, he was proposed as the independent leader of a coalition government between the Five Star Movement (M5S) and the League, despite not having previously fulfilled any political role. [336], Moreover, Conte stated in his CV that he had worked for his legal studies at the Kulturinstitut in Vienna, Austria, but this is a language school, not a law school. Insieme siamo una forza", Italian PM: We want to shake things up in Europe, Conte sente Von Der Leyen: «L'Italia non accetterà compromessi al ribasso». Warum kein Politiker?“, brüllten am Montagabend die Journalisten im Präsidentenpalast dem Spitzenmann der Lega, Matteo Salvini, hinterher. [125], In September 2019, at the head of his second government, Conte launched the so-called "Green New Deal", named after the analogous US proposed legislation that aimed to address climate change and economic inequality. E Merkel da Bruxelles: "Via libera entro l'estate", Giuseppe Conte su Twitter: "Oggi a Maiorca per il Vertice intergovernativo tra Italia e Spagna. Il 18 riapriranno i negozi, il primo giugno bar, ristoranti, parrucchieri e centri estetici, Coronavirus, il nuovo decreto del 26 aprile: ecco il calendario di quello che si potrà fare nella “fase 2”, La Fase 2: ecco come l'Italia ripartirà il 18 maggio, Italian Leaders Threaten to Reimpose Restrictions After Sunshine Draws Out Crowds, Assistenti civici, Meloni: "Deriva autoritaria da toni grotteschi", App Immuni: disponibile da oggi sugli store Apple e Google, Italy to launch Immuni contact-tracing app: Here's what you need to know, Immuni, Meloni: "Non la scarico, si rischia Grande Fratello", Immuni è stata scaricata un milione di volte.

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