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SchleFaZ: Troll 2 HEUTE 22 Uhr nur auf TELE 5 im Anschluss NICHT als #SchleFliX verfügbar! The Cocktail was not translated cause of the word play. February 2016 'Tag der Untoten' ("Day of the Undead") with the movies Vampirella and Blacula. Mon, Aug 31 UTC+02 at Liliom Kino Augsburg. SchleFaZ: Troll 2 Horrorkomoedie, I/USA 1990. Rütten and Kalkofe made an ironic cameo appearance in the 2015 trash movie Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!. every time, naked skin, erotic or otherwise suggestive, Jack Frost 2 – Die Rache des Killerschneemanns, every time, a shot fired from the special, extraterrestrial laser gun or a conventional, mundane firearm, Dragon Crusaders – Im Reich der Kreuzritter und Drachen, every time, when we have to watch something sensual-stimulating or hear something connoted in a cheerfully erotic way, whenever we are treated to a chauvinistically beautiful view of an uncovered female breast landscape in the best 90s video cassette pause button press manner, for any fiery explosion or explosive fire caused by direct or indirect, at every typical 'Now that's what I call SchleFaZ' moment, that is, at everything that you could never experience in a really good film, but only here with us, every time, if one or more bees can be seen in the film, every time, anyone is arguing or squabbling with anyone anywhere, every time, green slime appears, green sauce, green wobble or any other green liquid in whatever consistency, for every death that our hero Mike Danton causes, every time, we discover a new fascinating form of primeval flora or fauna that makes our curious explorer heart jump for joy, every time, when the blood in our veins threatens to freeze with horror, so with every shock effect, every time, the beast injures, destroys, eats and digests, Nur 33 Zentimeter – Doch hart als wär’s ein Teil von Peter, every time, if anyone is harmed anywhere by the direct or indirect action of the Dollman, This page was last edited on 26 November 2020, at 12:22. Seit seiner Erscheinung im Jahr 1990 genießt der Fantasystreifen Kultstatus … In addition, a special cocktail is created or presented for each film, whose composition or name has a reference to the film. Menu. SchleFaz [ˈʃleːfat͡s] is a satirical film series of the German private broadcaster Tele 5. The show has become an instant surprise hit for Tele 5, being the channel's leading show in ratings (with Kalkofe's other show Kalkofes Mattscheibe Rekalked being second), and during broadcasts of the show on Friday nights, the hashtag #schlefaz regularly enters the German Twitter top ten charts, which has prompted German TV Guides and even Tele 5 themselves to adopt the Twitter hashtag as a semi-official name for the show, also used by show hosts Kalkofe and Rütten themselves. Deutschland (2020) Echtes Schundfilm-Gold zum SchleFaZ Start 2020! Or if it's somehow shown how "One is the two" is. ("Fucking Hell!") Regie: Drake Floyd. Und die nächsten zwei verraten wir auch schon: "SchleFaZ: Das rote Phantom" am 01. Waterworld trifft auf The Asylum in dem Hai-Murks-Movie Planet of the Sharks, der von Oliver Kalkofe und Peter Rütten genussvoll filetiert wird. Darsteller: Michael Paul Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey. Friday UTC+02 at Online Event. every time, there's a scary noise or when someone does "science", every time, a frog is visible in the film (for each missed frog a double shot as a penalty), Original Sumuru Schlüpferschließer (Mumu-Tsu), every time, men's dignity is destroyed by a woman, every time, a monster roars or makes any kind of noise, every time, Onion-Jack bites into a onion or drinks onion juice, Camel Spiders – Angriff der Monsterspinnen, every time, a spider or a person is killed, every time… you want/need a drink (drink at your own will), every time, anybody mentions the name "Arnstead", every time, the hero discovers a new super power, Double Trouble – Warte, bis mein Bruder kommt, every time, an actor/actress appears, which is more famous than the two main actors, every time, Vampirellas huge decollete is visible, every time, the "magische Ballermann" ("Maha Baron") (the big, red robot) rotates his head, every time, Fin Shepard (the hero of the movie) kills a shark, every time, Hentai Kamen brings his balls to the face of an enemy (aka. These films themselves are called Schlefaze. Shaker mit Eiswürfeln und den Zutaten befüllen. Da spürst Du einfach gar nichts mehr, nicht mal den grünen Daumen im Hintern – wunderbar! 22:00 Uhr, STAFFEL 8  | EPISODE 105 |  24.04.2020 SchleFaZ. OUTTAKES: TROLL 2 - Was machen wir hier eigentlich, Trailer: SchleFaZ - Troll 2 - Freitag 24.04. Drehbuch: Rossella Drudi, Claudio Fragasso. Yet, the curse "Fickende Hölle! Von Oliver Kalkofe Ein toller Mix zum Staffelauftakt.Vor allem der legendär vergeigte Troll 2 gilt weltweit als einer der „besten schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten“. Information about the actors, the director and other facts about the film are presented in a humorous way. Also keinen Schauspieler, denn die komplette Besetzung besteht aus Laiendarstellern. 964 guests. The films are presented by the presenters during the broadcast and are provided with biting comments which are then cut in between.[1]. [6], A Marvel film was presented at the beginning. Der Regisseur ist Trash-Ikone Claudio Fragasso, hier als Drake Floyd fungierend, der mit seiner Gattin Rossella Drudi zudem auch das bombastisch bizarr-bematschte Drehbuch verbrochen hat. Wegen seiner vielen handwerklichen Mängel und seiner unfreiwilligen Komik gilt der Streifen "Troll 2" als eines der … Nun, der bekannte Kackfilm-Kapeike Joe D’Amato hat die italienische Gehirn-Lasagne hier zumindest mitproduziert – wenn auch unter seinem Pseudonym David Hills. In 13 German cinemas (as of February 2014) the SchleFaZ series will be shown on the big screen simultaneously with the TV broadcast. Kult trifft auf Kult - Oliver Kalkofe und Peter Ruetten nehmen sich zum Staffelauftakt die italienisch -amerikanische Trashfilm-Perle Troll 2 vor. In it, Kalkofe and Rütten present trash films, introduce them with various background information, after every commercial break comment on the plot so far, and in the end summarize upon it, all within a retro-styled studio decorated in reference to the current film they're commenting on. Troll 2 USA 1990. Darsteller: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Connie Young, Robert Ormsby, Deborah Reed, Jason F. Wright, Darren Ewing, Jason Steadman, David McConnell, Gary Carlson. Vor allem der legendär vergeigte Troll 2 gilt weltweit als einer der „besten schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten“. every time, when a terribly lifelike monster appears in the picture, which makes our blood freeze in our veins, every time, a fast zoom and/or hard camera panning one will be poured, Der Polyp – Die Bestie mit den Todesarmen, every time, the Kraken attacks anyone or anything, every time, Hercules uses his magnificent muscles and or a particularly exciting event is shown in, every time, awesome Argoman uses one of his fantastic super powers, every time, "2-to-6 window [split-screen]]s" and/or "trick and scratch", every time, an innocent person is verified murdered and the snails munch, every time, there is a clearly identifiable, absolutely indisputable, every time, we see huge rats, gigantic chickens or other mega-sized monster creatures. Mai.  |, SchleFaZ:Planet of the Sharks – Outtakes (3), SchleFaZ:Planet of the Sharks – Outtakes (2), SchleFaZ:Planet of the Sharks – Outtakes (1), SchleFaZ: Planet of the Sharks – Das Rezeptkärtchen. of the production company The Asylum, which had already been broadcast on Tele 5, the idea of presenting them as trash television - in deliberate dissociation from the concepts of other broadcasters - matured. After the commercial breaks, the presenters ironically discuss particularly prominent scenes of the film. Kult trifft auf Kult - Oliver Kalkofe und Peter Ruetten nehmen sich zum Staffelauftakt die italienisch -amerikanische Trashfilm-Perle Troll 2 … has established itself as Rütten's catchphrase. The summer episodes of the 3rd season were simultaneously broadcast on Joiz Germany. In this series, mainly B-movies, which are characterized by particularly bad workmanship or unintentionally funny ideas, are introduced, commented and presented by Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten. Das Warten hat ein Ende! In connection with this, a drinking game is usually introduced. [7] The film premiered in Hamburg in the presence of the hosts before it was shown on Tele 5 at 10 pm. pervers special attack "Golden Powerbomb"), every time, main character Jim gets snotty, smart-arse, and tell everybody, how it's done, every time, somebody says/mentions "Skuquum", Mündliche Prüfung (Power-Pauker-Pennen-Wackler), ever time, a cold-served bang returns from the funny young people, every time, men with distinctive sideburns appears, every time, somebody breaths, groans or gasps eccentricly; particularly speziell Lady Anna, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda – Kampf der Urzeitgiganten, every time, "our" Commander Jackson simulates competence with a firm voice and then only tells some hair-raising nonsense, [[Daniel_–_Der_Zauberer|]Daniel, der Zauberer], every time, when you marvel a 'dog rough', every time, when one of the evil 'supermonster' uses a never-seen, every time, when Ator crosses blades with an opponent, every time, when the fun-loving makers of this movie have integrated a subtle parodistic film quote into the movie, every time, when the generally predominant image of women in the 70s is eloquently illustrated in the film by chauvinistic-sexist jokes or clumsy assaults, every time, Jack Frost works on his day job and makes another victim, every time, Hentai Kamen draws his classic King-, every time, wone of the main characters of the intergalactic spectacle - reveals some new "ability", Lord of the Elves – Das Zeitalter der Halblinge. SchleFaZ 100 – Das Jubiläums-Festival: Weitere Live Acts bestätigt! Season was the special on 29. The movie is part of the notorious german "SchleFaZ" series. Gezora, Ganime, Kamēba: Kessen! At the beginning of each episode the viewer is prepared for the film by the presenters. ", "SchleFaZ – Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten",, Pages using infobox television with nonstandard dates, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Der Mann mit der Kugelpeitsche / Knochenbrecher im Wilden Westen, every time, the 'yellow' hero jumps or flies. Welchen armen, inzwischen bekannten Schauspieler können wir für seine Jugendsünden bedauern? Mai und "SchleFaZ: Ator - Herr des Feuers" am 08. At the end of the film, what has been seen is summarized and a conclusion is given. Regie: Claudio Fragasso (als Drake Floyd). Movies. This film is often mentioned when people ask for the worst film ever. At that time we did not see any good hooks. The sommer season inlcudes also six movies, the final in winter has four more. Kerb in Kappeln mit Früschoppen des MGV. If there are no fucking Elves - you have to make them up yourselves! Mit „Troll 2“ beginnt heute die Frühlingsstaffel von SchleFaZ mit einem absoluten Klassiker des Trashkinos. It already celebrated its premiere in the Schlefaz version at the Filmfest München on June 29, 2019.[9]. Part of the 3. As the seasons progress, it has become established that Kalkofe is the incorrigible enthusiast who always gives the films an artistic touch, while Rütten plays the constantly pessimistic and disinterested viewer who almost without exception finds the film bad. Dann kräftig shaken und in ein Longdrinkglas (0,3 l) auf Eiswürfel abseihen. Nankai no Daikaijū, Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls, Mister Dynamit – Morgen küßt Euch der Tod, A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman, "Tele 5 setzt "Schlechteste Filme aller Zeiten" fort", " - This website is for sale! In that series 2 hosts present the whole flick - and make fun of it throughout the movie.) SchleFaZ: Troll 2 Horrorkomoedie, I/USA 1990. Endlich wieder Haie bei SchleFaZ und was für welche! During the programme, films are presented which, according to the presenters, are considered particularly bad and therefore deserve special attention. Thus, the title of the programme stands in contrast to the Kabel One slogan "The best films of all time". Abenteuer/Fanatasy. For the first time the spring season includes six movies. Since all films have a clearance from 12 years on, the date was brought forward from about 22:15 to 20:15. Ideal zum mentalen Blumengießen ist der köstlich-widerwärtige grüngefickte Hirn-Trollator! Ein dynamisch-diabolischer Denkapparats-Dünger und kernig-chlorophyllhaltiger Kehlkopf-Kratzer, grün und dennoch erfrischend ungesund! SchleFaZ: Ator - Herr des Feuers. Nach über hundert Folgen SchleFaZ war es wirklich allerhöchste Zeit, dass wir diese Perle der filmischen Scheißigkeit endlich bei uns präsentieren dürfen. Wer hat dieses dilettantische Meisterwerk der Murksigkeit denn verbrochen? Since the Tele München Gruppe owns a large number of B-movies, e.g. In 2013, Kalkofe and fellow comedian Peter Rütten created and began hosting the still-running show SchleFaZ (Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten) ("The worst movies of all time") on Tele 5, which is loosely based on the MST3K format. [5], The winter season aired the sixth and last part of the Sharknado series. Bedeutet: Die längste SchleFaZ-Frühjahrsstaffel aller Zeiten - und sie startet mit der echten Trashfilm-Perle "Troll 2". One film is presented per programme and is examined in more detail. For example, the audience of the film Sharknado should drink a cocktail every time a flying shark is seen. Sat, Jul 4 UTC+02 at Kappeln, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Die Familie Waits ist nach Nilbog gekommen, um Ferien auf dem Lande zu verbringen. Troll 2 Die längste SchleFaZ-Frühjahrsstaffel aller Zeiten startet mit einer echen Trashfilm-Perle! Darsteller: Michael Paul Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey. Regie: Drake Floyd. - social tv Resources and Information", "Sharknado, Zwiebel Jack und mehr: "#SchleFaZ" mit Oliver Kalkofe und Peter Rütten demnächst auf DVD im Handel - DVD -", "SchleFaz : SchleFaZ 100 – Das Jubiläums-Festival: Weitere Live Acts bestätigt! Most of the Drinking Game are word plays and/or rhyme in German and therefore make little or no sense in English. Thus, it was aired April 2020 on german TV station Tele5. ("SchleFaZ" is a german abbreviation, means "the worst films ever". For the hundredth episode a big live event took place on September 28, 2019 at the Tempodrom in Berlin. u. v. a. Von Oliver Kalkofe Ein toller Mix zum Staffelauftakt. [2] First films of the series were released on DVD in June 2015.[3]. Gar keinen. Oliver Kalkofe, together with Tele-5 station manager Kai Blasberg, developed the concept for the series in 2012. SchleFaZ: Planet of the Sharks – Der Trailer. Und wer ist sonst dabei? Proooost, Ihr Trunkentrolle! every time, anyone talks about the "Two who are One". Scheißfilm in the Sunshine – Die SchleFaZ-Sommerstaffel 2019, 1,5 cl Crème de Menthe (Pfefferminzlikör grün). 36 guests. Er ist giftgrün und schimpft sich Troll! During the film, pop-ups are used to provide background information on the respective scene or to remind viewers of the drinking game. Beziehungsweise: bei grüner Suppe oder Schleim, kübeln wir uns einen rein! Bei jeder Art von grüner Lulle, leeren wir die Greenfuck-Pulle! SchleFaZ: Troll 2 HEUTE 22 Uhr nur auf TELE 5 im Anschluss … [8] The summer season opened on August 23, 2019 with "Plan 9 from Outer Space". Macht aus deiner Leber mit nur einem Schluck eine torfig-taube Troll-Topfpflanze mit mupfig-molligem Mosy-Feeling. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. In March 2016 Tele 5 announced season 4, which will include twelve movies. Troll 2 ist ein italienisch-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahre 1990 des italienischen Regisseurs Claudio Fragasso, der auch gemeinsam mit seiner Lebensgefährtin Rossella Drudi das Drehbuch … Fridays for #SchleFaZ! Die Blechtrommel - 40. SchleFaz [ˈʃleːfat͡s] is a satirical film series of the German private broadcaster Tele 5.In this series, mainly B-movies, which are characterized by particularly bad workmanship or unintentionally funny ideas, are introduced, commented and presented by Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten.These films themselves are called Schlefaze. Jubiläum des Oscar-Gewinns. Der Fantasy-Streifen Troll 2 gilt aufgrund seiner zahlreichen handwerklichen Mängel und seiner unfreiwilligen Komik als echtes SchleFaZ-Schundfilm-Gold. SchleFaZ – Das Spiel für Android und iOS ist da! Dieser Fantasy-Streifen gilt aufgrund seiner zahlreichen handwerklichen Mängel und seiner unfreiwilligen Komik als echtes SchleFaZ-Schundfilm-Gold. Wer macht uns heute doppelt voll? Ein Journalist behauptete sogar: „Jeder schlechte Film dieser Erde wünscht sich, er wäre Troll 2!“.

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