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Provoke a war between the United Kingdom and China by leading a British warship into Chinese territorial waters before sinking it. Whilst making his escape, his helicopter is shot down over Westminster Bridge. Choked to death in a cloud of anaesthetic nerve gas. Der Tag Auktion von Bikini aus "James Bond ... Ursula Andress taucht als jamaikanische Muschelsammlerin Honey Ryder in einem Bikini aus dem Meer und verdreht James Bond (gespielt von … Boiled to death in his own reactor coolant after a fight with Bond. Smuggle and sell ancient gold coins in order to finance SMERSH operations. Is discovered by Bond and faced with the choice between prosecution and suicide. Kill all participants in defunct espionage operation. Sell to Chinese government. GoldenEye uses it against Goldfinger's forces. Tricked into confessing to the scheme by Bond and Bheka Jordaan. Accidentally stung by scorpion fish, then partially eaten by an octopus. The James Bond novels and films are notable for their memorably despicable villains and henchmen. Expand his international crime organisation to the Caribbean and organise smuggling operations to finance. Bomb neutralized and train derailed en route to Empire State Building. Destroy NATO forces in a massive air strike from space. Destroy London with a nuclear missile, the eponymous Moonraker. Impaled by a plutonium rod shot out of the sub's core at extreme velocity by Bond. Install Espada as new governor. Sell important American documents to the Japanese, escape to El Huracán's island. Kill her father to take over his oil business and then destroy Istanbul to monopolize the oil market. Acquire the ATAC, a device able to command missiles and sell it to the Soviet Union to gain them an advantage in the Cold War, at a insanely high price; kill his rival Milos Columbo. Manipulate GoldenEye into killing off his two liabilites, Dr. No and Goldfinger. Blown up in escape helicopter by Bond's grenade launcher. Initiate a war between the United Kingdom and Chine by destroying Beijing in order to boost ratings. Virus and HQ destroyed by Bond and MI6 agents. Shot in the leg by Bond while he conducts his train, causing him to accidentally derail the train. Make political statement about Western decadence by blowing up. Das Startgebot lag zwar bei satten 300.000 Dollar (rund 254.000 Euro). Stabbed in the back, then knocked into a ship's hold, hammering the knife into his spine. Shot with a harpoon from a speargun fired by his mistress Domino. Find and kill Friend, only after King George is dead. Bond helps skater defect on live television. We’ll keep you fully briefed on the amazing 007 events happening across the globe in 2020 and beyond. Bond will be assigned to eliminate Pushkin, who is investigating Koskov for embezzlement; with Pushkin dead, Koskov will be free to continue supporting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Kill James Bond by shaving him with a razor soaked in Japanese fish poison and "accidentally" nicking him. Use a diamond smuggling ring and the resources of billionaire Willard Whyte to build a diamond encrusted laser-equipped space satellite. Bond prevents the terrorist plot from being carried out by killing the bomber before he can destroy the jetliner. Brainwash innocents to steal a top-secret protective suit of armour. Silva indirectly succeeds: M is mortally wounded when Silva's forces attack her, but Silva himself is killed before she dies. Conduct assassinations with a cult of suicide bombers; ultimately kill U.S. President and British Prime Minister. Disarm the U.S. nuclear weaponry to give the USSR advantage in Cold War. Catch the Hildebrand Rarity by any means necessary. Fire a nerve agent from space to kill the entire population of earth and then create a new civilization in space. Killed in an airstrike along with Yuskovich. Use a nuclear holocaust to emerge as the ruler of the world. Perform germ warfare experiments to kill people. Take over the world's media and use it to instill his twisted way of thinking into the rest of the world. Assassinate Le Chiffre and maintain the integrity of his organisation. Lair destroyed and henchmen killed by Bond. Killed by fellow Decada member Hera Volopoulos. Molten metal poured over him by Bond, killing him. von M. Norman gespielt im Rahmen des 8. Assasinate Elektra's father and then use a nuclear submarine to blow up Istanbul so that Elektra can take over the oil industry. Bond sprays Uccelli with his own bird homing scent. (Foto: imago images/Cinema Publishers Collection). Bond altered the rocket's target coordinates. He is left by Bond to be arrested by M. Captured and detained by Her Majesty's Government. Killed with a knife thrown by Milos Columbo. November 2020 02:32 Uhr Frankfurt | 01:32 Uhr London | 20:32 Uhr New York | 10:32 Uhr Tokio, Albons Crash "war eindeutig ein Fahrfehler", Haas ist das "richtige Team" für Schumacher, So investiere ich richtig in Nachhaltigkeit, "Die Grenzschließungen gehören zu den Fehlern", "Irre, wie in Leipzig, fühlen sich ausgegrenzt", Dr. Zinn: Weihnachten droht "Superspreader-Event", Arzt simuliert Corona-Sterben mit Schock-Video, Nächster Super-Hotspot verhängt Ausgangssperre, Whisky-Fund in Hauswand ist ein Vermögen wert, So bleiben Piloten cool, wenn's heikel wird, Nackte Frauen und leckere Kartoffelsuppen, Der Tag : Auktion von Bikini aus "James Bond" gescheitert, Auktion von Bikini aus "James Bond" gescheitert, Deutscher Karikaturenpreis 2020 - die Gewinner. Listed here are the franchise's primary villains. Bond steals the C-130 Hercules cargo plane carrying the opium and then crashes it, ruining the deal. They fail to kill Vivienne and are killed themselves. Shot with a speargun in the neck by his mistress, Domino. Bond and Pushkin fake the latter's assassination, fooling Koskov into believing he is free to act. Assassinate Princess Diana and sons at Euro Disney. Aid in the kidnaping of scientists and sell their research. Sell to Russian Mafia. Kill her father and seize his oil business, as well as assist Renard in his scheme to destroy Istanbul in a nuclear explosion, thus allowing Elektra to use her pipeline to supply Istanbul with oil. Shot by an unmanned drone controlled by her 'Boss'. Sabotage American missile tests by "toppling", using directed radio waves to interfere with a missile's guidance system and send it off-course. Detonate a nuclear bomb in a U.S. Army base in West Germany. Royal family preempted from arriving at Euro Disney. Selbst, wer nie "007 jagt Dr. No" aus dem Jahr 1962 gesehen hat, kennt diese Szene: Schauspielerin Ursula Andress taucht als jamaikanische Muschelsammlerin Honey Ryder in einem Bikini aus dem Meer und verdreht James Bond (gespielt von Sean Connery) den Kopf. Bond activated a huge sea drill and shoved Carver into its path. Take over Bolivia by assisting Greene in his coup. Hideout raided, Linck killed and Breed injured. Cover up evidence of the death of a British spy so his KGB masters can impersonate the agent and send false information to MI6. Kidnap Professor Phineus, inventor of the "Q-Ray". James Bond-Film "Keine Zeit zu sterben" in die deutschen Kinos. Choked to death on the rare fish; implied to have been murdered by his battered wife. Strangled to death by Bond after hijacking an airplane. Repéré par Robin Panfili — 11 mai 2017 à 13h39. Overload the reactor of a nuclear submarine in order to generate a nuclear explosion to destroy Istanbul so as to increase the value of Elektra's own oil, Bond stops Renard from blowing up the nuclear submarine, Impaled by a plutonium rod shot out of the sub's core at high speed by Bond. März 2021 kommt der 25. Blackmail the western world with two stolen atomic bombs. Kill MI6 agents in Istanbul, and assassinate a man in Shanghai. Bond, with the help of Marc Ange Draco, destroys the laboratory where the viruses are being developed before they can be released. As a plastic surgeon on behalf of SPECTRE, recreate a. Construct a weapon to kill SPECTRE's enemies with great fireballs by dousing balloons with phosphorescent paint. Bring back Nazism by wiping out communists. Shot by CIA agents while attempting to surrender. Assassinate all members of British-American CABAL. Bond discovered the location of the bombs. Smuggling operation dissolved by Bond, plane carrying virus destroyed. Sucked out of his plane after Bond shoots the door open. Escape vehicle drove over cliff/Parachuted opened by Bond next to torn fuselage, sucking him out into the plane engine. Bond smashes Blofeld's mini-sub multiple times like a wrecking ball against the control room of his lair, disabling the satellite before dropping the submarine into the ocean. Lest, welche Schauspieler 007 bislang verkörpert haben. Rebuild a 'perfect' human race, from his space station, with carefully chosen breeding stock in accordance with his vision. James Bond-Film "Keine Zeit zu sterben" in die deutschen Kinos. Kill her father to seize his oil business, which she sees as rightfully hers, and later monopolise the oil market due to Renard's attack. Release a toxic nerve agent into Earth's atmosphere, which will wipe out humanity. Sol "Horror" Horowitz and "Sluggsy" Morant, https://jamesbond.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_James_Bond_villains?oldid=96643. Hold world powers to ransom with stolen American nuclear weapons unless they are paid extraordinarily high sums of money. Bond uses a self-destruct button in Blofeld's lair to destroy the "Bird-1" spacecraft used to capture manned space capsules from orbit. Use C's "Nine Eyes" programme to subvert democracy and gain power over the world's surveillance network, also carrying a childhood vendetta against Bond. Succeeds in killing her father, but is killed by Bond before Renard's plan can be fulfilled. Flood London by blowing up the breakers around the River Thames, destroying Parliament; use ensuing chaos to carry out Communist coup. Revive the Millenaria, and steal priceless works of art. Bond redirects the missiles' coordinates so that the missile fired by each sub hits the other. Uses her position as head of the International Organisation Against Hunger to strategically distribute food aid across northern Africa, giving the government of the Sudan a pretext to go to war with the south. Nena's husband, Markus, breaks her hypnotic spell on Bond before the plan succeeds. Sell secret plans for underwater defense system to Red China. His allies are killed in the explosion of his mansion and he is killed by Bond. Overthrow Gibraltar's government with a series of assassinations. Diamond smuggling operation dismantled by Bond/Icarus controls destroyed. King George is evacuated; bomb's fuse is extinguished before the breakers are destroyed. Have Boris Stepakov and his men killed, assist General Yuskovich in smuggling the missiles. Kill James Bond in a humiliating sex scandal, kill. Hit by his sea plane that was swept away by a wave of water. Am 31. Distribute the world's largest cache of heroin into the United States, free of charge, in order to drive all the other drug cartels out of business. An dem Zweiteiler befindet sich ein Gürtel mit Goldschnalle, an dessen Seite ein Tauchermesser steckt. Recover embezzled SMERSH funds in a game of Baccarat. Kill his wife and her wealthy father with a tactical nuclear warhead in Norfolk at a public event and inherit their fortune. Hijack 2 NATO nuclear warheads which will be used to extort £100,000,000 from world governments. Buy the Fabergé Egg, thus pawing Freudenstein for her services; remain undetected by the British. Bond throws Uccelli a gun so he can shoot himself before the birds kill him which he does. Hold nuclear plants hostage in exchange for the $50 billion to build a safe reactor. Punish all guests on his island who break his rules. Bond and Wai-Lin destroyed the bomb and Carver's base. Bond blows up his factory then stops his plane from releasing the toxin. Sell the decoder back to the Russians. Acquire the Havelock Estate in Jamaica to use as an HQ for a drug running operation. Poisoned by The Detainer with his own atomic pill. His assassins failed to kill Vivienne and set the place on fire. Develop deadly virus to destroy British livestock and cereals. Shot by Bond, but survives due to bulletproof jacket. Quarrel Jr. destroys his poppy fields with a series of explosives. Weaponise an antidote for smallpox and anthrax then release it upon the world. Killed when his helicopter is shot down by Bond. Prevent Russian ice skater Natalia Lustokov's defection to the West. Assassinate King George at a dance performance, assist in ensuing Communist coup by La Velada. Most notable of all these parodies is the 1967 spoof Casino Royale, which was produced using the actual film rights purchased from Ian Fleming over a decade prior to its release. Das Auktionshaus Profiles in History bei Los Angeles hatte mit Geboten aus aller Welt gerechnet. Bond shoots him with a Wright Magnum. Extort money from the superpowers with nuclear supremacy going to the highest bidder. Kidnap a Hong Kong scientist who has created a drug that eliminates all pain, and sell it illegally making a fortune. Start oil spill fire during demonstration with U-boat. Capture Soviet and US spacecrafts from orbit, in order to provoke nuclear war between the superpowers. Release deadly mutant strain of the West Nile virus via mosquitoes on Western world. Camille kills General Medrano (Greene's associate who'll execute the plan), and Bill Tanner, using some hacking, bankrupts Greene, making all of his efforts for naught. Disarm U.S. and Soviet nuclear weaponry through a computerised scheme to create world peace. Body inflates and explodes after Bond forces a compressed-gas capsule down his throat. Cult raided and disbanded; President and Prime Minister saved. Spray a toxic gas that will kill the citizens and armed forces, enabling him to detonate an atomic bomb in. Help the Nazi cause by masterminding the assassination of King George, get revenge on James for destroying his work in Silverfin. Destabilise Western Europe by blowing up train containing many world leaders. Use a prototype Serbian weapon known as a "Cutter" to destroy a university in York, killing a cancer researcher who could ruin his employer, a pharmaceutical corporation. Jetzt ist es offiziell: 007 wird von einer Frau gespielt! Sa mission est d'obtenir des informations de l'espion anglais James Bond dont la mission consiste à enquêter sur Columbo. Eaten by sharks and barracuda after he falls into the water when Bond blows up his boat. Alors que sa sortie était incertaine après avoir été repoussée, "Mourir peut attendre", le 25ème volet de la saga James Bond, a désormais une date de sortie officielle en France. Rocket crashed into the water directly in the path of Drax's submarine. Le James Bond soviétique a-t-il été le modèle de Vladimir Poutine? Shot through cheek by Bond. Bond kills his double and takes his place, foiling the coup. Q ist der Codename von Major Boothroyd, der Waffenmeister von 007.Er ist verantworlich für die Ausrüstung von James Bond und kommt in den meisten Bondfilmen vor. Smuggle drugs, aid Soviet missile development, and mislead Bond into killing rival. Bond overloads the nuclear reactor in No's base causing the toppling device used to sabotage the tests to overload and disable. He then bankrupts Le Chiffre in an attempt to convince him to surrender to MI6 custody. His former henchman and lover, May Day, switches sides and removes a bomb necessary for Zorin's plan to succeed; she dies in the explosion, which causes no other damage. Chokes to death on own blood. Bond pulls the cord on his parachute, sucking him (and the control device) into a plane engine both shredding and electrocuting him. Extradited to a secret location after evidence is planted to suggest she was embezzling money from her Chinese backers. Survives (no contact between him and Bond). Thrown out of cable car by Bond, survives and escapes after killing Tracy. Bond forces Sanchez's petrol tanker off the road, and then sets the petrol-soaked Sanchez on fire as revenge for an attack on his friend Felix Leiter. Take control of the "GoldenEye" satellite weapons, detonating a nuclear device over London as revenge for. Blow up the Empire State Building and make it look like it was the fault of an American rocket, thus destabilising the US space program. März 2021 kommt der 25. Conquer Europe with an army of his superhuman soldiers. Jumps into river to escape, where he is torn apart by a boat's paddles. Assassinate Vivienne Michel under orders of Mr. Sanguinetti and torch the motel Sanguinetti owned. Jetzt ist es offiziell: 007 wird von einer Frau gespielt! Zoltan floods his palace for his failure to pay him. Blackmail the UN with the threat of a deadly virus that will wipe out all agriculture. Burns to death when shot by Bond's flare. Plans to make his clients, a guerrilla group, wealthy by. Create a training school for female spies, who carry out their missions before being fed to the large condor birds. Riders killed but information recovered by Bond. Stabbed in the back and again in the heart by Bond. Bond intercepts Greene before he can carry out the coup. Impaled to death by his own plutonium rod, which was shot out of the reactor by Bond. This is followed by a plan to fire a nuclear missile on Beijing to bring about a regime change in China. From Le Chiffre's encounter with Bond in the original Casino Royale novel in 1953 to Raoul Silva's scheme to exact revenge on M in the 2012 film, Skyfall, Bond's foes have been one of the most important reasons for the book and film series' continued popularity. Uses Koskov's embezzled KGB funds to buy opium from the Afghan mujahideen. Bond acquires the device for MI6, kills their assassin 'Red Grant', and survives Klebb's attempt to kill him and steal the decoder. Schulkonzertes des Gymnasiums Warstein am 17. Obtains the estate but both are later killed. Wounded by Bond, but she survived and escaped. From Le Chiffre's encounter with Bond in the original Casino Royale novel in 1953 to Raoul Silva's scheme to exact revenge on M in the 2012 film, Skyfall, Bond's foes have been one of the most important reasons for the book and film series' continued popularity. Freudenstein successfully paid but plot uncovered by Bond. Kill Bond for foiling all his previous plans by taking control of his helicopter and crashing it. Falls into a missile silo after Bond shoots Diavolo's control tower with a rocket launcher. Survives; albiet with a lower arm injury from. Bond activates a bomb disguised as a key chain, dropping a bust of Wellington on Whitaker, crushing him. Originaire de Liverpool, en Angleterre, une jeune femme, connue sous l'identité de comtesse Lisl von Schlaf est la maîtresse du contrebandier grec Milos Columbo. Remains at large until he Reappears in SPECTRE where is confronted by Bond. The official website of James Bond 007. Samstag, 28. Release virus onto world, profit from treatment. Am 31. Supply Iraq with nuclear weapons to destroy America; discredit the Kremlin, allowing Communist loyalists to take over. Bond and Hellebore's son destroy his lab. Flood Britain with Scolopendra's poisoned banknotes, eliminating the Soviet Union's main rival. Smuggle stolen NATO warheads to terrorist via his automobile line, later commit mass genocide using a deadly virus. Shot by Bond while driving his car; car drove off into fog. Von Liebesgrüße aus Moskau bis Die Welt ist nicht genug wurde er von Desmond Llewelyn gespielt. Bond's "defection" to SPECTRE is actually a fake, and he ruins them. Am 12. Prove his superiority to the rest of the criminal underworld by flooding various nations with poisoned banknotes, killing millions, before presenting a revolutionary cure to the poison, giving him godlike power over the lives and deaths of whole nations. Creates a "garden of death" and entices depressed Japanese to suicide in exchange for money to refinance his organisation. November kommt der neue James-Bond-Film "Keine zeit zu sterben" in die Kinos. Location of bomb discovered, bomb neutralised. Spinal cord severed by Bond, however he somehow manages to survive and escape. Take control of the oil reserves of Dahum; turn children into drug mules to carry heroin into the USA. James Bond erlebt seit über 50 Jahren seine Abenteuer auf der Kinoleinwand, offiziell gespielt wurde er dabei bisher von 6 Darstellern. Retrieve microdot. Drax and his men all perished in the blast. Dies when his plane crashes into a mountain. Bond throws the ATAC device off a cliff and destroys it. Dropped by Bond from radar dish, breaking his spine; then crushed by the collapsing radar array. Chinese agents captured and impersonated by Bond and ally. Bond survives and gets the Lektor to MI6. Lynch hatte im Gespräch mit der Deutschen Presse-Agentur zudem versichert, es werde keine „#MeToo-Version“ von James Bond geben. Bond is able to warn British authorities about the Cutter before it detonates. Shot in the chest by Bond in the Hall of Mirrors when Bond pretends to be a statue of himself. Create a new breed of superhuman soldiers, made from eels and humans. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shot with poison dart gun and ejected into outer space, by Bond. Shot with a poison dart by Bond before being pushed out of an airlock and sucked into the vaccum of space. Temps de lecture : 2 min. Identified as culprit. Bond discovers her connection with the kidnapping plot. OCTOPUS is believed to have fallen apart afterwards. Instigate war between Greece and Turkey by firing nuclear missile into Turkey. Claim the secret data code-named "Torch Time". Kill the entire human race and rebuild in outer space. Bond beats his obstacle course and escapes. Badly burned in a hydrogen explosion and impaled through the eye by a tree branch. Acquire the Solex Agitator, a vital component for solar power plants, and sell it to the highest bidder; kill James Bond, the one man who he believes to be his equal. To aid General Orlov in his plan; Orlov pays Khan with the jewels stolen from the. As a result, Carver will be permitted to expand his media franchise into China for the next century. This will increase the number of addicts, and give Kananga a monopoly on the drug market. Operatives killed, summit conference members alerted. Dies of oxygen deprivation. Shot by Bond. Capture aircraft carrier with US, UK, and USSR leaders on board, hold them for ransom. NATO will believe this was an accident, and go into disarmament, allowing Orlov to invade Western Europe and gain world power. After the devastation has ceased, SPECTRE will take control of the world. Survives but is later killed off-page prior to. Falls into lake and is eaten alive by savage eels. Marquis gives Bond microdot in exchange for oxygen. Have his motel burnt down and have Vivienne Michel assassinated in order to claim property and life insurances. Bond gains control of airplane and crashes it into mountainside. Frame James Bond by using lookalike as assassin. Microfilm retrieved by Bond. Bond discovers location of bomb, prevents remote detonation by phone call, informs authorities. Dass Bond eines Tages von einer Frau gespielt wird, hat Produzentin Barbara Broccoli immer wieder ausgeschlossen. Bond prevents him from triggering a meltdown of the reactor core by flooding the submarine and then blowing it up before Renard can fulfill his plan. Coordinate attacks on airplanes that carry No's business rivals and make it look like it was the Palestinian terrorist group. James Bond Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Die berühmte Bademode sollte nun für einen stolzen Preis den Besitzer wechseln, fand bei einer Versteigerung in den USA jedoch keinen Käufer. Sell Ministry of Defense secrets to Russian Mafia. He then plans to use the money to cover up the theft and the profits to continue funding the. Destroy the world by using hijacked British and Soviet submarines to fire nuclear missiles on New York and Moscow and provoking the superpowers into a nuclear war; rebuild civilisation under the sea once the war is over. Juni 2011 in der Theateraula Belecke vo der Bläserklasse der Jahrgangsstufe 5 unter Leitung von … Use stolen submarines to provoke a nuclear war between the US and the Soviets and then rebuild humanity under the ocean. Shot by Bond from boat into water where he drowns. Bond destroys his base, the Moonraker, and with it the globes containing the nerve agent. Shot by Bond, causing him to fire a rocket at the plane he's standing on, causing it to explode with him on it. Gun shot out of hand before she can kill the defector. Sucked out of a depressurising plane through a shattered window to his death. While attempting to jump on Octopussy's circus train, he is shot by three border guards who mistakenly believe him to be defecting. Bond destroys Golgov's robot with a bazooka. Hideout raided, forcing him to flee in an airship. Fire a nuclear missile at Beijing, eliminating the current Chinese government in favour of politicians who will grant him exclusive broadcasting rights in China. Features breaking news on the 25th James Bond movie — NO TIME TO DIE — including first looks at images and other exciting exclusive content. Bond saves the king, destroys Friend's operation and forces Sedova to kill Friend. Smuggle a large bomb to the San Andreas Fault, when detonated, it will trigger a massive earthquake that will flood Silicon Valley, wiping out his competition in the microchip market. Irradiate the gold supply of Fort Knox with a bomb. Bond beat Le Chiffre at the baccarat tournament. Transport 10,000 tons of heroin to the USA on his ship the, Flood the USA with heroin transported by the. Destroy Istanbul by detonating a nuclear submarine in the Bosphorus, allowing his lover Elektra King to monopolise the oil market. Der weiße Zweiteiler, der die Schweizer Schauspielerin damals zum Sexsymbol machte, war vorab als gefragtes Stück bei der Auktion von Hollywood-Memorabilien eingestuft worden. Misleads MI6 into believing the KGB under General Pushkin has reactivated an assassination program targeting spies. Invade South Korea with the help of "Icarus", an orbital weapons platform that fires a concentrated burst of the sun's energy. Bond destroys the drug processing factory, along with the first shipment of merchandise being transported in tanker lorries. Install the nine Eyes program to help Blofeld with his scheme, with whom he had allied with to subvert democracy. Bond compromises Carver's stealth boat technology, allowing the, Bond forces Carver into the path of a remote controlled sea drill, tearing him to pieces. Threaten to release a biological weapon that renders crops and livestock infertile, via his 'angels of death',in exchange for a pardon for his past crimes. Island turns out to be intended to entrap and imprison criminals, documents recovered by Bond. Use 007 to steal a Soviet decoding machine before killing him in a humiliating sex scandal as revenge for Dr. No's death. Take over Russia and the world by using a metal eating nanobot army; get revenge on Bond for the death of his mentor Max Zorin. Is chased by Bond to mountain's peak. Bond destroys his base and blows up the submarines. Before the ransom is paid, Bond and the US Coast Guard recover one of the warheads from Largo's men; the other is sabotaged by Dr. Ladislav Kutze after he changes sides. He reveals that he is dying of thallium poisoning and then he shoots himself in the head. Smuggle diamonds/Use the Icarus satellite to attack South Korea and then invade it. Impaled when Bond shoots him, causing him to fall and be skewered on a radio mast. Stopped with assistance from Greek military. The James Bond series of novels and films has been parodied numerous times in a number of different media, including books, comics, films, games, and television shows. Presumably killed when Bond blows up his plane. Bond discovers plan and informs superiors to bomb base. Bond throws a hunting knife into his back. The James Bond novels and films are notable for their memorably despicable villains and henchmen. Smuggle a large cache of diamonds worth millions of dollars from Africa to America to fund organisation. Falls to his death after Bond shoots him. Bond destroys her cloning lab and kills the clones. Smuggling operation dismantled when all operatives are assassinated. Icarus is rendered harmless when Bond destroys the control device.

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