stargate sg 1 pretense

03.15 Episode 59 (#6527) Airdate: January 21, 2000 Klorel, the Goa'uld in the host body of Skaara, crash lands on Tollana, the new Tollan home world. When SG-1 is invited to the Tollan planet to attend a ceremony called a "Triad," they are shocked to discover it is actually a trial to determine the fate of their old friend Skaara. The Tollan Narim pays an unexpected visit to the SGC, inviting the members of SG-1 to participate in a ritual known as Triad. Stargate SG-1 picks up where the blockbuster film left off. Each exciting mission through the gate takes the SG-1 team to new worlds in a seemingly boundless universe. 3.15 "Pretense" Episode Guide; Précis. Only when SG-1 shows up on the new Tollan home world do they learn that the Triad is an ancient ceremony of justice, and the person on trial is their old friend Skaara. Colonel Jack O'Neill and his SG-1 team; Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Captain Samantha Carter, set out to explore the mysteries of the Stargate. Episode Guide. In a series that explores ethics almost as often as it explores alien planets, "Pretense" is Stargate SG-1's richest and most ambitious exploration to date.In addition to raising important moral issues, "Pretense" delivers interesting character development and the long-awaited resolution of a plot thread that originated in the pilot episode. By Penfold. PRETENSE.

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